How to Change the Time on a Sveston Watch

How to Change the Time on a Sveston Watch

Don't know how to change time on sveston watch? Well, this post will guide you on correctly setting the time on your sveston watch.

Haven’t you hurt your watch or made it unfunctional by mishandling it while changing the time? It happens with all of us. Sveston watches have a long-life if used carefully and in a proper manner.

To ensure your watch’s safety, proper use, and assurance of long life, we bring you a guide to help you learn how to change time on your sveston watch.


  1. To change time on your sveston watch, pull the knob or crown up.
  2. Now rotate the knob or crown in clockwise direction to set the time.

Rotating the knob clockwise helps the machine to maintain its well-being and last longer. Avoid rotating the knob anti-clockwise as it might damage the machine.

Set the required time. Once the hands of the watch are set on the accurate time, push the knob/crown back in.

The time is set, and the watch is ready to wear. Sveston watches brings elegance and grace to your being. It’s all about durability combined with style. Do also checkout correct way to change day and date on sveston watch.