Sveston’s Eid Look book | For Men’s

Sveston’s Eid Look book | For Men’s

Men's watches are not just time-keeping devices; they are an expression of a man's style, personality, and status. From luxury watches to sports watches, men's watches come in a variety of styles, designs, and features to suit every occasion. This is the time to hijack the style of the festive season.

As you all know Eid is just around the corner and for men look book watch is an essential accessory that never be neglected.

This time we launch some exclusive styles that you can pair up with your Eid Outfits to create admirable vibes.

Sveston John Wick (Leather)

Sveston John Wick is the style of self-assurance. A captivating dial with dynamic leather straps is the most astonishing match for your Eid wardrobe.

Sveston Ironman

Ironman is the style of all time admiration that no one can neglect easily. Sveston Ironman has a unique dial with 2 options (leather & stainless steel) and you also have the choice to select the color that fits your Mood and Eid Attire.



Sveston Rascaljack

 The timeless appeal of this festive is for a strong appearance. Stainless steel watch looks heavy on the wrist that generates unforgettable vibes. A digital-analog round dial with astonishing vibes Sveston Rascaljack is perfect for an energetic appearance.

Sveston Berlin

A graceful personification is the style of Sveston Berlin. With a prominent bold dial the stainless steel straps the watch is the perfect fit for sophisticated wrists.

Sveston Majestic

The most stylish prestige is all set for the people who always looking for a unique style. A rectangular-shaped dial with an attractive stainless steel chain is adorned on the wrist.


Sveston presents the exclusive collection to complete your Eid Look Book. If you want to get a compliment line this Eid then don’t forget to grab your most favorite timepiece.