November 14, 2020 0 Comments

Don't know how to change day and date on sveston watch? Well, this post will guide you on how to correctly set the day and date on your sveston watch.

Does it become a problem for you to go through the manual and be directed about changing time in a watch? It will not be the case anymore.

Sveston pays heed to every detail and provides ease to its users by explaining and introducing them to the watch in a thorough manner. Here is a guide to how to change the day and time on your Sveston watch.


  1. To change day or date, pull the crown slightly out.
  2. Rotate the crown clockwise to change the day.
  3. Rotate the crown anti-clockwise to change the date.
  4. Push the crown or knob back in to start the clock.

This is how easy it is to change the time on your Sveston watch. Your Sveston watch is ready to wear! Sveston watch is easy to operate and elegant to wear. Stay in the moment with Sveston’s watch wrapped around your wrist.

We make user-friendly products and give the users a quality experience. A sensational enrichment in their lives that they will cherish forever. Sveston watches are here to stay, changing the experience of tracking time for its buyers. Do also checkout correct way to change time on sveston watch.