A Fashionable Fix to Smart Problem

A Fashionable Fix to Smart Problem

We Never Saw It Coming

We all agree that instagram produces some of  the most memorable celebrity comments, and often becomes the stage for viral moments that we can’t help
but remember. Same thing happened recently when a popular celebrity posted her OOTD post, where she looked absolutely stunning. Little did she know that
her choice of watch would capture the eyes of many, turning it into a hot topic about smart and fashionable choices. It all started when the renowned fashion figure Fahad Mustafa candidly commented on celebrity’s post
Looking nice but watch off lgrhi hai yaar!!


Who knew that a casual exchange of comments would turn into a social media storm, quickly drawing the attention of influencers, magazines, and even high-profile celebs, all joining the conversation with the hashtag #BaatTauSaiHai which began trending, highlighting the lack of options for smart and fashionable all in one place, all in one piece.






In response to the increasing call from consumers for a solution, Sveston Watches, with 46 years of expertise in watchmaking and fashion trends, recognized the need
for innovation. That's when we stepped in, took charge, and willingly accepted the challenge to smartly address this fashion problem. 

And now time for some exciting news! We are thrilled to announce the launch of  the first series of Sveston’s Fashionable Smartwatches, and the response has been incredible. It’s an exciting step forward in our journey to blend fashion and technology smartly. Join us as we continue to Innovate and set new standards in the world of smartwatches.