Best Ladies Watches Under 3000 Rupees

Best Ladies Watches Under 3000 Rupees

Are you searching for best women's watches under 3000 in Pakistan? If Yes! then this blog will be your guide to find ladies watches under 3000 PKR in Pakistan.

Watches are the most significant piece of art in your accessory collection. It not only subtly conveys your personality to the people but adds grace and charm to it. A women’s delicate wrist looks appealing when adorned with the perfect piece of this time telling machine.

Best Ladies Watches Under 3000 Rupees

  1. Sveston Cheri Price. Rs. 3,899
  2. Sveston Zovari Price. Rs. 2,999
  3. Sveston Cluster Price. Rs. 3,999
  4. Sveston Latest Ultra Price. Rs. 3,899
  5. Sveston Delicieux Broome Price. Rs. 2,999

Haven’t you always hesitated to shop for a watch because of its affordability? Not anymore! You can shop brilliant durable and exceptionally well-designed women wristwatches for under 3000 Rupees. Below are some options for you from the best affordable range by Sveston:



1) Sveston Zovari

Did you ever think that you could purchas a ladies under 3000 Rupees in Pakistan watch with the second-best Quartz in the world, Japanese Quartz? Sveston Zovari is an epitome of grace that complements your personality and gives it a royal touch. The stainless-steel case and arms are the keys to its forever just came out of the box appearance. You don’t have to worry about water affecting your watch as it has high resistance of water and can work without absorbing any of it when immersed up to the depth of 100 meters. The Sveston Zovari doesn’t have to leave your wrist anytime. It’s there to make you stand out every time.


2) Sveston Latest Ultra

This watch is the right choice to complement your casual and trendy attires. The sleek body and trendy handles are made up of stainless which increases its durability. It comprises of world-famous Japanese Quartz and Battery for which people tend to invest Rs.50000 or so, but Sveston gives you the opportunity to enjoy it at bare minimum cost. This darling watch would hug your wrist and keeps holding on even when water touches it. It is waterproof up to the depth of 100 meters. You don’t have to worry about taking your watch off just to wash your hands, take a bath, or dive into the pool. Another amazing feature of this is that it has a brilliant range of colors to choose from. Let Sveston Latest Ultra hold you tight and never let go!


3) Sveston Cluster

Do you desire for a classic watch that gives a royal feel and a sophisticated touch to your personality? Sveston Cluster analog is the watch that ends your search for the finest watch. Its features include hardened crystal mineral glass which gives finesse to the dial and a link strap with a fold-over push-button making it easy to handle and use. Get a classy look with these exceptional women’s watches under 3000 in Pakistan.


4) Sveston Délicieux Broome

Among the best women's watches under 3000 rupees comes Sveston Délicieux Broome. It stands out for its trendy yet elegant design and style. It caters to women who prefer up-to-date yet chic watches that enhances their charm and aura. Water-resistance, stainless-steel, and linked strap make it durable and long-lasting. It comes in various color and as we know colors speak for us, so you have a chance to define yourself through your watch even better. A must-have watch for your collection.


5) Sveston Cheri

With Sveston Cheri, any woman can shine among the crowd. The striking combination of two different colors and intricately designed dial that speaks for itself. The watch is water-resistant and can function perfectly without absorbing a drop of water up to 100 meters. Another feature which makes this watch worth buying is that it has battery powered 3 hand Japanese quartz movement which is the finest quartz of these times. Celebrate the brilliance of Sveston Cheri as it is one of the most pocket-friendly women's watches priced under 3000 PKR. Do checkout out website to find never before seen designs of ladies watches in pakistan.

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