What to Expect from Sveston 11.11 Sale?

What to Expect from Sveston 11.11 Sale?

Keep your hands on checking because sveston 11.11 sale, is the most awaited sale in Pakistan starts from 9 November truly represented by Sveston watches, who has been given more than 55 Crore discount. Various deals and offers which comprised of the massive discount more than 60,000 watches as well as 800 color variants.

Shop from the most renowned quality watch brand and get the deals and offers which are totally in your buying range. This 09 to 22 November sale comprises of amazing deals and offers that mainly give more than 55 Crore discount on various watch categories. The watches in combos has different categories women bracelet watches , women mesh, women stainless steel and women leather watches, Similarly, male leather, male stainless steel, male formal and male sport watches. It is noted that male combos contain male watches and female combos contain female watches, we also bring exciting offer in different couple watches with special discount.


 The deep excitement hidden in this sale which vehemently sets for the customers in which various deals and offers are the forefront part of the campaign. 70% discount with complementary gifts is being offered in the sale on specific watches.

The sale will be live on 9 of November, it is highly appreciable to mention that this milestone is achieved by several relentless efforts of Sveston Watches and approximately all the watches are going to be the biggest chance to grab your favorite watch.   

Following are the most precious and elegant watches with huge discount will be in your buying range.


The incarcerated pearls in Sveston Athena, is the representation of elegancy that makes your looks perfect at every occasion. This female bracelet category is fortunately under the campaign with biggest discount availability. 


The female zazla, the most wearing timeless jewel is the choice of most of the women, the bezel of the timepiece zazla radiates new version of elegance that every women crave for. In mesh category, zazla is the most demanding timepiece which is available at adequate price and reasonable discount, because the most awaited sale brings tremendous offers for you.


Sveston RIO lies in male stainless steel category, the giant bezel is the mark of opulence and abundance. You can avail more than 70% off in Sveston RIO as it is the part of upcoming campaign with special discount opportunity. 


The most prominent and vast category of sport watches make this campaign most excited sale of the year which sump up the huge collection of water under tremendous sale offers.


Sveston also gives discount on couple watch, the most exciting discount offers on couple watch that can make your day on occasion. Sveston zorspy strengthen your relation and gives you joy of gifting.