Watch for the charm of wedding look

Watch for the charm of wedding look

A time of the year starts when we are in a festive mood because the beginning of the year brings colors of happiness and the joy of celebrations of weddings. The celebration season demands a charm that gives you a shine of uniqueness. There are some particular designs that are made with the charisma for a matchless combination with your festive attire.

Sveston Ruby
A magnificent style has a remarkable shine of embedded stones on the chain and dial with the stick that gleams with the colors of your wedding attire. A Ruby is made for those delicate wrists that want to feel the true sense of royal identity.

Sveston Queen
Bracelet watches enhance the beauty of the delicate wrists of females. Sveston Queen is an everlasting luxurious admiration that shines with the elegance of your happiness and captures the compliments of this wedding season.


Sveston Modicci
All-time best seller and the timepiece is the signature of prestige. Sveston Modicci is the style that perfectly fits a men’s formal look for a wedding event. A bold, prominent dial with stones with a dynamic date window is the irresistible timepiece for this wedding season.

Sveston Yuba 2.0
A shiny stainless steel chain with a revolutionary dial made with artistry that catches the attention of every eye. A unique date window with appealing colour variants is the persona of confident style.

Sveston is the personification of luxury and a wedding look needs a remarkable style. Sveston has a wide assortment of all categories of watches that complements every style. This wedding season gives a new turn to your look with “The Time for Every Occasion”.