Sveston Ruby | Regal prestige

Sveston Ruby | Regal prestige

It is hard to find a pure elegance that allures the mind in no time. This time Sveston brings a regal prestige for a delicate wrist and that we called Sveston Ruby. Ruby is the time jewel that captivates the shine of elegance.

The gleam of the Stones

The grace of the watch and the appeal of the moment is the gleam of the embedded stones sparkling every moment. A round circle with a round case and stick bezel are the watch's features.

Stainless Steel Straps

The watch has a stainless strap that is the spell of the glow and adds the shine of unforgettable vibes.

Colour Variants

Two astonishing colour variants of Ruby must admire your mind while the royalty of the dial is the authentic elegance that meets all the standards of the charm of the female wrist. 

Rose Gold Silver Stick

The most loveable colour variant of the watch. The watch is recognized for its sparkling colour with the beams of silver stones.  The unbelievable glam is a captivating dial case and shining bezel in rose gold.

Silver Black Stick

Sveston Ruby in a silver black stick is the magnetism of grace. Twinkling, silver stones like stars with the prominent dial is the eternal elegance that never ends.

Ideal for Gifting

A gift is not just a thing it’s your emotions wraps in a box that you want to convey to your loved ones. Sveston ruby is an elegant timepiece that you can gift to enrich the love of the relationship.


Sveston Ruby is the graceful charm that shines with the glow of your personality. Regal prestige is luxury for your special occasions.