Sveston Queen | A Time Jewel for this Wedding Season

Sveston Queen | A Time Jewel for this Wedding Season

Regal dial allures minds

As you know Sveston is the time for every occasion and you can find a watch for your every occasion because the wide assortment of watches available in several color variants is the everlasting charisma to get the style on the wrist. Sveston has some special craftsmanship that you are looking for this wedding season for a long and we made it for you.
Sveston Queen is a limited edition timepiece specially made for royal prestige. A regal luxury has a prominent beauty that catches the attraction of every eye.

Majestic Dial

Detailed with gleaming stones Sveston Queen has a majestic dial that enhances the charm of the attire that you get for this wedding season.

Royal Prestige

A dream royal look that you always wish for to allure the glam of all sides Sveston Queen is the watch that unveils the royalty of your grace.

Charming Colour Variants

A signature of wealth and a luxurious look Sveston Queen is available in two beautiful color variants, and both has distinct spectrum of shine.

This is the time when you want to show the inner joy of your life. Sveston Queen is beautify your charm. The timepiece is an exclusive launch for this wedding season. The watch has a limited edition and will soon stock out so what are you waiting for go and get yours.