A watch that takes the hearts of all is the only watch that we called Sveston Lala 360. The watch is not just a loveable timepiece it’s an obsession that generates a sense of admiration. Our best seller of the year is the watch from the exclusive Afridi Collection.

Aesthetic Variations

5 magnificent color variants that resonate with the confident personality. Each color variant has a distinct approach to steal the show.


The watch is detailed with 3 Semi-Dials on the bezel that performs unique functionality and creates admirable personification. All three chronographs are placed on the left side of the dial.

Top-most Chronograph

The first or the topmost chronograph displays the day and night and counts the hours of the day.

Middle Chronograph

The middle chronograph indicates the day.

Chronograph at Bottom

The last chronograph can be set according to a different time zone so you can check the time of another country of your present hour.

A Date Aperture

A small window at the right side of the dial shows the date.

The luxury of a Chain

Fine and smooth stainless steel chain is a luxury that feels on the wrist.

This is not just a watch it’s a feeling of legend’s choice. The exclusive Afridi Collection is made with impeccable craftsmanship to satisfy the sense of unpredictable minds that loves luxury, revolution, and passion at the same time.