Sveston Eid Essentials | For Female

Sveston Eid Essentials | For Female

The festive season calls for a delight of vivid joy with the spectrum of true colors of your personality. The season demands artistry that blends with the regal hues. Sveston knows what can satisfy your look and mind for a flawless desire and that’s why we bring an illustration of captivating appeal.

Sveston Watch launch a latest Eid Edit for a delicate wrist to pair up with your festive wardrobes.


Sveston Melrose

A pure beauty that waves a charm of attraction. A doubled layer stones around the dial shines with the grace, Sveston Melrose is the glam comes in stainless steel straps with embedded stones on it.


Sveston Opal

A magnificent prominent round dial for a wrist of feminine. Stainless steel straps with multiple variations of golden and silver hues is the is the luxe timeless ornament.

Sveston Petal

An immaculate harmony between luxury and beauty. A small round dial detailed with artistry of blooms. Glow of stones inside the bezel and stainless straps Sveston Petal is an eternal elegance.


Sveston Lara

A transparency of the shines that you want in your time jewel. Sveston Lara is stainless steel straps watch with the most attractive dial detailed with stones and the roman counter.

Sveston Alicia

If you just want an aesthetic timepiece than Sveston Alcia is made for your wrist. Sveston Alicia comes in round dial with the beautiful detailing of stones of the straps.

These are the Sveston Eid Essential for your perfect Eid look. Grab your favorite timepiece before the stock runs out.