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June 03, 2022 1 min read 0 Comments

Sveston Watches, Dubai-based Pakistan’s 1st wristwatch Brand, manufactures cost-effective watches while maintaining high quality, which led us to this honor‘ Fastest Growing Brand of the Year 2021’ in the watchmaking industry.

How did we get here?


In order to actively contribute to the watch industry's evolution, Sveston watches has stayed faithful to its mission and philosophy. All of this has led us to today, when we can proudly receive the "Fastest Growing Brand of the Year" award from the Brands Foundation. There is no doubt that the whole Sveston Team has demonstrated devotion and relentless efforts up to this point.

Sveston watches encourages innovation and advancement as a brand, which has helped us retain and strengthen our position at the forefront of the watch business. Sveston watches has proven its worth as a major player in the watch industry and the E-Commerce sector. We see this award as a driving force to elevate our service to the next level, from the dedicated Operations team to the nimble top management team.

The Sveston Benchmark

Sveston was established on the belief that different wrist styles correspond to varying degrees of quality We've created processes and materials that have allowed us to make really

upgraded watches that don't represent a standard retail markup, but are priced fairly, thanks to a strong and consistent design team. We design easily accessible items with an emphasis on simplicity, giving our customers versatility and personal style freedom.

Our focus

Today, we're still focusing on what makes us unique: our positive outlook, commitment to honesty, and, of course, our creative energy.