Sveston Afridi X (A premium choice)

Sveston Afridi X (A premium choice)

A watch that transforms the energy and reveal the unforeseeable attitude of the personality is the watch that we called Afridi X. The name of the watch denotes the personality of Shahid Khan Afridi whose X-Factor makes him a winning identity. The unpredictability of Afridi’s performance is the legacy of the Afridi-X for a victorious personification.

Distinctive Dial

A round dial is the illustration of energy for a competent personality. If you are the one who eagerly wants to transform your appearance as the perspective of success, then bold dial of Afridi X is your next obsession.

Date Aperture

A small date Aperture on the right hand side of the dial is the grace of the watch with a logo of Afridi X is the true sense that possessed the self-assured all-rounder capability of your style.

Prominent Chronographs

The watch comprises three working chronographs that’s create the aura of vigorous vibes.

Chronograph on top counts the hour of the day that indicates day and night. Chronograph at the center is the dynamic one that tells you about the minutes of an hour it has three prominent figures 30, 10 and 20 that specifies the where exactly the hour is and the last chronograph is the second counter that counts seconds of an hour.

Audacious Stick Bezel

A mechanism that speaks for itself this is the style of Afridi-X. The energy and the style is the legacy of the design with the prominent stick counter.


All watches in Afridi collection is the representation of winning perspective. Perfect craftsmanship and purity of grace is the symbol of collection that unveils the power of your personality.