Best Watches for Men Under 5000

Best Watches for Men Under 5000

Searching for Best Watches for Men Under 5000 Rupees? If Yes! then see our List of 5 Best Mens Watches Under 5000 in Pakistan. But before we continue further, have you checked out the new collection of Sveston smart watches.

How many times has this happened that you wanted to buy a watch for yourself but you couldn’t because of its high price? It breaks your heart, doesn’t it? There are watches for men under 5000 by Sveston which not only stand out in their quality but in their unique and trendy designs as well.

Best Watches For Men Under 5000

  1. Sveston Iconic Men's Watch Rs. 3,999
  2. Sveston Synaty Men's Watch Rs. 3,999
  3. Sveston Paisley Men's Watch Rs. 3,999
  4. Sveston Modoro Men's Watch Rs. 4,599
  5. Sveston Spell Men's Watch Rs. 4,899

You don’t have to wander anymore to look for your favorite watch which is pocket friendly yet durable. They bring to the table the watches of the century which redefines your style and adds to your personality. Let’s explore our list of 5 best men’s watches under 5000 rupees by Sveston:


Sveston Iconic Mens Watch Under 5000


Sveston Iconic tops our list of best watches for men under 5000. Iconic SV-18010-M is classic mens leather wrist watch having 40mm dial. This watch represents both style and class making it easy to carry both for formal and casual dressing as well.


Sveston Synaty Mens Watch Under 5000


Sveston Synaty is at the second position in our list of best mens watches under 5000. Synaty SV-11275-M Is Mens Leather Wrist Watch Having 3mm Dial. This watch is built to withstand every condition as its stainless steel dial is designed to last for years.


Sveston Paisley Mens Watch Under 5000


Sveston Paisley is at the third position in our list of best men’s watches under 5000 rupees. Paisley SV-11273 Is a classy leather strap wrist watch having 38mm dial. This watch is designed for dreamers and has a design like no other..


Sveston Modoro Mens Watch Under 5000


Sveston-Modoro-2.0 Is at the fourth spot in our list of best mens watches under 5000 in pakistan. Modoro 2.0 is a classy stainless steel wrist watch having 42mm Dial. In addition to its cool modern looks, Modoro is inspired by the heroes and the thrills of the sport. If you wish to carry modern fashion on your wrist, then this watch is built just for you.



Sveston Spell is last but not the least in our list of best mens watches under 5,000 rupees in pakistan. Spell SV-11272 is a decent mens leather watch having 38mm dial. Fair to say, this timepiece is cryptic & fun watch design more like a piece of wearable wrist-art.

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