Know Your Sveston | Season : 02 | Episode : 04

 Know Your Sveston | Season : 02 | Episode : 04

Here is another amazing episode of Know Your Sveston. The episode is unique in a way because in this episode we will talk about the fancy collection that’s called “Party wear collection”. Sveston has a wide range of variety of male and female watch collections.

It is not necessary that party wear collection is just a sparkling or hottest collection in this collection there are some formal varieties of watches. So, let’s explore together.


Female Party Wear Watches

Sveston Glister

The first watch that we have is Sveston Glister. It’s a fancy bracelet watch that gives a shiny look. It has a dazzling dial around with sparkling stones, the watch is available in 8 most unique colour variations including rose gold colour. 

Sveston Petal

The second most attractive watch is Sveston Petal. A groundbreaking double layer of stones embedded around the corner is the uniqueness of the watch. You will be a center of attraction at the party or any occasion if you wear Sveston Petal.

Sveston Ladybird

The most special thing about the watch is the rectangular shaped dial. It also has embedded stones around the dial.

Male Party Wear Watches

The next category that we will discuss is about Sveston men’s party wear collection. As we have a wide range of assortment in the category here are some most astonishing timepieces for you.

Sveston Jhon Wick

Sveston John wick is based on a character of a movie that possess the energy and unstoppable tactful vibes to change the game of style. The design of the watch is bold and best for heavy look that you can pair up   with your formal dressing. The dial of the watch has 3 colour variants with a “gun shot” john wick’s logo.

Sveston Paradox

The next watch for party wear is “Sveston Paradox”. The watch comes in two different style a leather or a mesh. The watch is decent and elegant to pair up with your formal or party wear dressing.

Sveston Modicci

The watch is the hottest selling article that lies in the stainless steel category. The watch is famous for its bold and shiny dial. The watch vibes a party look because of prominent dial with the embedded stones inside the bezel.

This episode is all about party wear collection. Let us know in comments what you want to know about watches.