Know Your Sveston | Season : 02 | Episode : 05

Know Your Sveston | Season : 02 | Episode : 05

Here we are back with another amazing episode of “Know Your Sveston season: 02”. As we talked about the formal party wear collection in the last episode. Now it’s time to talk about the casual wear collection.
The casual look refers to the normal routine look or the style that we followed every day. We will first see the men’s casual wear collection and the first watch that we are going to discuss is Sveston Spell.

Sveston Spell

Sveston spell is an elegant and decent watch in rose gold color variant with classic leather brown straps. The best combination of the watch is with white, off-white and light color shirts.


Sveston Wyndow

Our next watch is a premium stainless steel watch named as Sveston Wyndow. It is a premium watch that you can also pair up with your everyday wardrobe. If you love to wear colorful shirts, pants you can wear Sveston wyndow as the colours in the dials case will complement the colour of your wardrobe.


Sveston Yuba 2.0

Our next watch is unique and dynamic the name of the watch is Sveston Yuba 2.0. The unique feature of the watch is the design of the watch as you can see some elements inside the dial of the watch that makes it different from other style.


Our next category of watches is female casual wear collection and first, we will talk about Sveston Visas.

Sveston Visas

Visas is a very decent watch available in a smooth and elegant stainless steel watch with a prominent stick dial. The watch can make a perfect duo with any outfit.


Sveston Alicia

The watch possesses a very decent and elegant design with a shiny look. As you can see the stones on the watch straps give a shiny effect.


Sveston Vinca Rosea

The next timepiece that we have in casual wear collection is Sveston Vinca Rosea. The watch is available in black colour with the small decent dial. It’s a mesh band straps watch that you can easily pair it with your get together look, office look or any kind of casual look.


This is it for today we hope that you enjoyed the episode.