Know your Sveston | Episode 5 |  Bracelet Watches

Know your Sveston | Episode 5 | Bracelet Watches


The episode is a journey of eternal elegance because it is all about the bracelet watches from Sveston. Bracelet watches are also known as luxury watches because it’s a premium category of female watches. The fascinating feature of the category is it can be used as a piece of jewelry and Sveston has a wide range of beautiful bracelet watches.  


Types of Bracelet Watches


 All bracelet watches are super charming and appeal to every woman because the dials of the watches are captivating and dazzled pearl around the dial enhances the beauty of the timepiece. The most desired feature of the watch is there are three different options available in the dial.

Stick dial

Stick dial has a vertical stick bezel inside that appeals every eye.

Stone Dial


 The dial has embedded alluring stones and every ticking inside the dial is the gleam.

Roman Dial


 The dial is having roman numerals inside these watches also known as roman bracelet watches.

 Locks of Bracelet watches


 Bracelet watches have different types of locks and they are called jewelry Clasps locks.


 Apart from the dial, Sveston bracelet watches are super elegant because the chains of the timepieces are made with authentic craftsmanship. You can wear the bracelet watch on every special occasion and allure the glam of all sides.