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June 09, 2022 1 min read 0 Comments

Where the mounds formed with the gold and the beam of the sun elevate the shine of the dunes this is called the legacy of the heritage where nothing can’t be changed. The privilege of the culture is impossible to challenge. In an environment of extreme only, the powerful ticking of zoddok 1.0 can counter the surroundings.

Zoddok 1.0 for Vigorous Style

Zoddok a vigorous watch having 46 mm dial, is a resilient watch that has its own orbit of style. A digital power to reach the altitude of style.

Zestful design

Sveston Zoddok 1.0 is a multifunctional dial that performs super functionality.  A watch made with the art of contemporary style. Sports watch has a Japanese quartz movement that transforms energy into an ageless precision.