4 Men’s Luxury Watches Under 7000 PKR

4 Men’s Luxury Watches Under 7000 PKR

Watch is always essential when it comes to the perfect men’s look. A luxury watch is always mandatory in the men’s style list. Sveston is a luxury watch brand that provides high-quality luxury watches at affordable prices. This time elevate your style with a luxurious watch that will not hurt your pocket because Sveston has a wide range of captivating timepieces under 6 K.


Modicci 2.0

A contemporary design that already vibes luxurious style is the watch that you can pair up with every outfit by just spending 5999 you can make your style admirable.




Sveston Synaty

If you just want leather straps for your wrist but worry about the price. Sveston Synaty is the watch that will complete your style. Graceful dial and leather straps Sveston Synaty will take only 3999 from your wallet.




Sveston Bullston

The hot selling and vigorous article of Sveston is Bullston. All the difficult minds inspire with dial and the featured Bull inside. It gears the powerful momentum of style that you can get in just 5999.


Sveston Javelin

If you are the one who just wants a sports watch for your energetic look but your pocket is unable to complete your style. In just 4999 you can get the powerful style for your wrist.


All Sveston watches can bear 3 a.t.m water pressure and every watch has the spectrum of audacity to define your style.