5 Bracelet Watches under 5000 PKR

5 Bracelet Watches under 5000 PKR

Women have a great obsession with jewellery while a watch is mandatory for graceful style. Sveston has a wide assortment of delicate bracelet watches that allures the sense of desire. These magnificent watches are pocket friendly so this time don’t worry about the price.  5 most precious bracelets from Sveston are listed for your evergreen look.

Sveston Hannah

Super luxurious and priceless beauty Sveston Hannah is a bracelet watch that illuminates the glam of all sides. The beautiful luxury does not exert too much load on your budget at just 4,999 PKR. You can get the limelight on every occasion.

Sveston Frost

Sveston Frost is the timepiece that is necessary for the style of every moment. The gleam of the stones inside the dial and the unusual craft of design is the grace of imagination. The glow of the timepiece is not expensive as it looks. In just 4,499 you can shop the luxury and beauty at the same time.

Sveston Cloudia

When just beauty in mind Sveston Cloudia is the watch that can satisfy the desire. The chain of the watch is a sign of perfect craftsmanship. Embedded stones in the links of the straps and the gleam of the dial is the sign of elegance that you can get in just 4799.


Sveston Alora

If you are looking for a most delicate watch that is crafted with the purity of grace then alora must admire you. An embellishment of pure beauty Sveston Alora is the watch for the wrists that need delicate beauty for shine. You can elevate the grace of your look in just 4,999 PKR.

Sveston Carys 

A prominent dial with the shine of sparkling bezel Carys is one of the watch that is perfect for every personality and mood. The watch has 20 mm dial available in neutral colour schemes perfect for pair up with every occasion and outfit. You can get the purity of elegance for your delicate wrist in just 4,499 PKR.  


All watches listed in the post are the signature of grace. Sveston is the trusted brand when it comes to luxury and quality because all Sveston watches are made with Japanese Quartz movement.