5 Adorable Luxury watches for women at Discounted Price

5 Adorable Luxury watches for women at Discounted Price

If you are searching for the best luxury watches for women in your budget, then you are at the right place because Sveston knows what women love. This time get ready for the compliments because these elegant watches are available at discounted prices.   

Sveston Stella

An astonishing timepiece is available in more than 10 most elegant color variants and combinations. The Milanese Band watch is made with shiny stainless steel that sparks with the gleam of adorable colors. Stella is an elegant wristwatch and the perfect gift to match the grace of the feminine. The female luxury watch stella you can get in just 4,139 PKR.

Sveston Grace

The name of the watch speaks for itself. Sveston Grace is the watch that comes in elegant colour variants that allures the glam of the wrist. The style is the perfect gift for those women who really want to sense aesthetic luxury. Sveston Grace is a priceless luxury available in just 4,499 PKR.

Sveston Foroly

If you are the one who is looking for a prominent luxury then only Sveston Foroly can make can fulfill your choice. A prominent bold dial with beautiful colour patterns is the style of the Foroly that shines with a confident personality. The watch is available in 4, 499 PKR.

Sveston Schuyler 2.0

A perfect crown dial with the royalty of leather the watch is for females that love aesthetic charm. The style of the watch is perfect for special occasions available in 10 vibrant colour variants. The style of the schuyler 2.0 is the charm of a delicate female wrist. The grace full style you can get in just 4,319 PKR. 

Sveston Coeur

A heart-shaped is the most adorable gift for your lifelong female companion. It’s a charm of the supreme craft that is meant to express your emotions attached with the gift of time. A dial around with embedded stones grips the admiring vibes with the shine of uniqueness. The supreme dial is just available in 5, 669 PKR.


The luxury watch is an accessory that shows the grace of the dignity of personality. These watches are crafted with uniqueness to elevate the grace of the female personality.