5 best Choices for Gifting

5 best Choices for Gifting

The season of gifting is the season that always makes you happy that’s why no matter how unpleasent is the environment is? Or how difficult the time is? An ideal gift always makes you smile. Not any human being in this world can deny from the time keeping while a wrist watch is the gift that connects the hearts of two and flourish the charm of relationship when a person see a beautiful dial.


Why Choose Sveston as an Ideal gift?

Sveston is one of those brands that values your emotions attached with the watch and your personality. We have a wide assortment of luxury watches that makes your look complete for every occasion because Sveston is “The time for every occasion”


An ideal gift for her

Sveston knows the grace of the delicate wrists, Female watches are made with the rare craftsmanship that makes a perfect duo with her personality.

Sveston Ruby

An embellishment of the embedded stones Sveston Ruby shines with every feminine personality that enrich the charm of her beauty.

Sveston Schuyler 2.0

To mark her golden hours Sveston Schuyler is the eternal grace for her, leather straps with sparkling dial and the blend of dynamic colours the watch is an ideal gift for her.


A perfect gift for him

This time give him a surprise with the luxury that complements his style. A wide assortment of luxury wathes Sveston has all the categories of men’s that must admires him.

Sveston Lala 360

Afridi collection is the most premium collection, it is undeniable style that resonates the prestige of an identity.




Sveston Synaty

A gift that gives him a vibe of confidence is the style of Sveston Synaty. The watch is made for the ones who knows the grace of the sophisticated choice.


A gift for “made for each other”


Sveston Polaris

Sveston Polaris is a time set of couple watches that we made for you to show the beauty of your life long relationship, Polaris is a leather watch set with prominent graceful dials it's a gift from us for you.



No one can deny from the value of time, Sveston is a gift of time that connects you with your loved ones.