Shahid Afridi Signed In As Brand Endorser For Sveston

Shahid Afridi Signed In As Brand Endorser For Sveston

Pakistani international cricketer, and former captain of the Pakistan cricket team Shahid Afridi has signed in as Brand Endorser for Sveston.

Shahid Afridi has taken up the charge to promote and display his trust in Sveston with zeal and enthusiasm. The brand has taken on board internationally celebrated former Captain of Pakistan cricket team Shahid Afridi as the endorser for their luxury timepieces. 

Shahid Afridi As Brand Ambassador For Sveston Watches

Shahid Afridi’s personality, on-field energy, humanitarian nature, and unmatchable personality resonates with the vision of the brand. A brand that is an all-rounder in bringing to the table finest quality timepieces that complement every kind of personality and look. Sveston resonates with the feeling of people skipping a heartbeat with Shahid Afridi’s presence on the field. Their idea is to facilitate people from all walks of life with a diversified range of timepieces giving a chance to be fashionable to everyone. 

Sveston aims to connect and make their product reach the majority of the people, and therefore, to do this swiftly, we've decided that no one other than Shahid Afridi would be a better bridge. The developing relation between Shahid Afridi and Sveston will definitely make our brand stand out in the wrist-watch industry. 

Our brand shows its interest in producing timepieces that are directly accessible and affordable for all. Shahid Afridi being the man adored by people and having an elegant sense of fashion, the collaboration between Shahid Afridi and Sveston is nothing more than a festivity.

Shahid Afridi, Brand Ambassador for Sveston Watches

Shahid Afridi adds: “I’m thrilled to be joining the Sveston Family and very proud to have been chosen as the endorser for the brand. It’s a partnership and friendship that exemplifies our shared mindset and values. Sveston’s line of luxury timepieces represent true style statement that i will carry on with me on and off the field.”

Today the world rejoices the fine and smart game of Shahid Afridi even after he has bid farewell to international cricket. He will always have his name listed among passionate and finest player to come on the fields. It was his aggressive game which made him bag the nickname “Boom Boom” as he has received accolade to be ranked second in the list of batsmen with the most sixes across all-formats. His achievements include scoring the fastest century in One Day Internationals, an unbeatable record for almost 18 years.

“We are very proud to have Shahid Afridi join the Sveston family. His energetic and dynamic personality and humanitarian nature resonates with the vision of the brand. We’ve been following his career for a long time, as he’s not just a world-class sportsman but also a courageous person who never gives up and that makes him a perfect partner for our brand. Shahid Afridi embodies everything Sveston values; excellence, high performance and sheer commitment to doing things the right way." says Fareedun Rostai, CEO of Sveston.

The CEO and Owner of Sveston Fareedun Rostai, has shown trust in Shahid Afridi in helping the company fulfill its vision. Sahid Afridi has also gladly supported their vision and supports the brand in providing affordable luxury watches in Pakistan. Shahid Afridi believes that he will be representing Sveston and will be working closely with the brand in coming years.

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