Classic Watches for Women

Majority of the women around the world are the ones who want simplicity in their lives. They are either working women or housewives and prefer to carry a style that is simple and traditional. Whatever they wear shows their finesse and choice which is classic.

Theclassic watches for women in Pakistan are a hot favorite for the ladies although there is no extravagant or fancy about these watches still the ladies order them because they want to appear cultured and refined. 

Sophisticated Designs at Sveston Watches:

The designers atSveston Watches know very well that the classic watches are the ones that are based on the designs that were the initial watches ever made or they belonged to the era when the patterns were simple and sophisticated. So we have watches that depict that period of time.

Collaborated with Men’s Styles:

When you look atClassic Watches for Women, you will see a glimpse of the men’s styles in it. This is because the early watches were made for men only so when the manufactures began to create for women it had a glance of that in them. But that doesn’t mean that the watches have all men’s taste there is individuality in the watches that we design.

Variety in Classic Watches for Women:

You must be thinking that how can the classic watches have variety in their designs? But our brand of watches give you a delicate look and at the same time provide straps of different kinds like leather or chains, with dial having jewels and other expensive materials.

Classic Designs of Sveston Watches: 

Theclassic watches for women in Pakistan have some elements that are a part of the classic style like the numbers on the dials are either in Roman or in the form of a line. The size of the watches is medium neither too large nor too small. Also, the shape of the dial is square, circle or rectangles. No other shape is used by us.

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Beautiful Watches....Highly Recommended

I ordered Couple watches 2 times and these watches are beautiful and premium quality and the beautiful thing is the Packing and during discount time the price is also reasonable. Will recommend everyone. Thanks

Best Quality Watch

I ordered SVESTON STEUBEN SV-7449 in black color. I loved the watch. It's so sophisticated in style. You can wear it casually and formally too. Packaging is too good, watch can be kept in this box later. Thanks Sveston Watches ☺

Best seller women

I received my parcel. I loved it. It's quality is excellent. Great experience. Thanks a lot sveston watches !

Loved it!

I ordered SVESTON TEHAMA SV-1959 and it has been delivered within 3 days. I loved the watch quality and packaging. I loved the color. Watch is more beautiful even than the displayed picture. I chose it randomly but I'm glad that I chose the best ☺. They have warranty too that's great.

Fine quality❤️

Its best quality watch , will recommend others too .🙋‍♂️