Casual Watches for Women

Ladies have a strong aesthetic sense that distinguishes them from the men. So everything that they do is always delicate and detailed. Every woman is very conscious when wearing a watch and especially if they it comes down to choosing between casual watches.

Sveston Watches provide the bestcasual watches for women in Pakistan. Although we are based in Dubai our outlet in Pakistan makes it easier for us to deliver the watches to you without charging any extra shipping fee.

Diversified Range of Choices

It was very easy for us to create casual watches for women because we have a diversified range of designs with the shape of the dials ranging from circle, square, rectangle, oval and even hexagon. We also give the customers the choice to select the font type of the numbers, if they want the numbers to be there at all.

Use of Feminine Colors in Casual Sveston Watches

The colors black, brown, grey, white blue and green are not only popular amongst men but also women also find them attractive.  However, women prefer more feminine colors in their watches. We try to provide the customers with colors that depict a more soft and womanish look.

Analog and Digital Casual Watches for Women:

Sveston Watches has introduced both analog and mechanical working mechanism. Many women go for an analog system because they feel comfortable in reading the time by it. But others can read the numbers on the clock and keep them at ease with it.

Miscellaneous Features of Sveston Watches:

What is the main purpose of acasual watch for women? To tell the right time but there are other features that can be in a watch. These features are important for a woman as she has to manage everything by herself; alarm, lap times, chronograph, date, lap timer and countdown timer are present in the watches created bySveston Watches.

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Awesome watch
Good quality of leather and excellent packing I m really happy

It's awesome really I'm satisfy

Unbelievable Quality and so cool packaging

i really like the watch and the packing was also quite good love that.

Sveston Zovari

Quality of the watch and their customer support is awesome! ❤

Sveston Zovari 1.0
Amazing quality

Owsume Quality+design+ packaging n anxiously looking for our further watches