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ALFALAQ WATCHES are digital prayer watches introduced by REHMANI WATCH COMPANY in 2014 after successful market recognition of its other watch brands. It was launched in Dubai UAE in order to cater Middle East whole sale customers through offline source. Since then ALFALAQ WATCHES gained recognition gradually for its quality, accuracy and cost.  We are soon in a process of serving the online consumers to see the growing demand of our product across the Middle East.

ALFALAQ name derived from Arabic word with same pronunciation meaning time of dawn / daybreak. It indicates start of day and hence obligatory prayer for the Muslim to start his day with the graceful name of ALLAH (s.w.t). Hence, ALFALAQ WATCHES introduced a unique and innovative digital alarm watch that changes daily "relative to" Muslim prayer times globally. 

Our Logo depicted a full moon resemblance. It is the combination of moon shapes, which appear in different phases in a month. This resembles the main concept of our digital alarm watch.

ALFALAQ WATCHES can currently be purchased from our outlets in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, +971 4 225 7206.