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September 10, 2022 1 min read 0 Comments

Yet another amazing episode of know your Sveston In this episode a very significant feature of Sveston is discussed that everyone wants in his or her wristwatch.




Every Sveston watch can bear 3 A.T.M water pressure and the advantage of the feature is you don’t need to worry if your watch gets wet while you are washing your hands. If you are wearing Sveston then you have the freedom to exert 3 A.T.M water pressure on your watch and it will not affect the functionality of the watch.
Sveston made with Hardened Mineral Glass:
Every Sveston watch is made with hardened mineral glass. Mineral glass is going through the process of tempering to make glass hardened. Sveston Watches are made with hardened mineral glass that’s why every Sveston watch has pure and shiny glass. The main advantage of the hardened mineral glass is your Sveston is prevented from scratches.