Know Your Sveston | Season : 02 | Episode : 03

Know Your Sveston | Season : 02 | Episode : 03

 We are back with another amazing and more than that energetic episode of Know Your Sveston. This episode is all about how you can pair up your sports watches in various ways.

Sveston Zoddok 

First, we talk about the watch Sveston Zoddok. Zoddok is so prominent and heavy watch. When you wear Zoddok on your hand it will enforce you to say wow! What a heavy style I am wearing. The watch consist on 4 pushbuttons for different purposes. 1 pushbutton is used to shows the time, 2 push button is used to show the date , 3 pushbutton will activate the stopwatch and the last pushbutton activate the light of the watch. The dial also have three chronographs to show different thing and you can also set a timer while for running to set your milestone. The style is best for athletes with the classic leather straps you can pair up for a perfect sporty style with your jackets.

Sveston Bolt

Now this is the time to talk about Sveston premium luxury sports watch and that is Sveston Bolt. The most prominent and bolt dial is the most attractive thing. The dial has 3 chronographs and they are parallel to each other. These chronographs show the time and dates, while the lower half area of the dials has a digital watch counter that look super amazing for an sporty look you can also set stop watch in the watch and the dial also known as tachometer. This is a premium luxury sports watch that you can pair up with your blue, black and leather jacket.


Sveston Hammer

The watch has 4 push buttons that are used to perform different functions such as stopwatch, date, and time and it also has light like other watches.


Sveston has a wide range of luxury Sports watches in which some of the most prominent watches are Sveston Thunderbolt, Sveston Boomston a mesh bend watch or if you like a sporty look in chain watch then you can get Sveston Vanesio.