Know Your Sveston| Season: 02 | Episode: 02

Know Your Sveston| Season: 02 | Episode: 02

A brand new season brings another exciting episode of Know Your Sveston. This episode is all about the astonishing categories of watches. As you know we have a wide range in all collections of watches that are divided into various categories.

The discussion starts with party wear timepieces for females.

Sveston Nassau

An elegant wristwatch in the female collection that can pair up with various outfits such as white, black, gold white, and gold depending on the combination.

Sveston Schuyler

The second article is named Sveston Schuyler which is a very decent and elegant watch. It has a captivating dial in rose gold color and is perfect for a party look.

Sveston Wyndow

The watch is for men's party look as they can pair up with black, brown, or cream suits. It is a perfect timepiece for friends to get to gather or every type of party. Sveston wyndow in black and rose gold variant is an audacious wristwatch for men.

Party wear timepieces make your look charismatic.

The second category of watches is the most graceful. It is about casual wear timepieces. Everyone wants to look perfect in casuals and the watch is an accessory that can’t be neglected in a casual look.

Sveston Synaty

The simplest and most elegant design of Sveston Synaty is the best men’s casual look for the office, formal events, meetings, or in conferences.

Sveston Iconic

Then, we have Sveston Iconic, the name of the watch shows how iconic it is. A decent and simply elegant dial gives you an iconic feel on your daily routine, formal meetings, and conferences.

Sveston Jennifer

When it comes to a female then Sveston Jennifer is the most decent watch for a female casual look. The watch is best for a formal look that can be used in casual meetups, the office, or in daily routines.

The next category of watches is all about the trending seasons of the time that we called wedding season. What you should wear with your heavily embellished wedding dress is a beautiful dial.

Sveston Modicci

The watch is one that men can wear at weddings and it can pair it up with formal suits and it is also perfect with kurtas and because it’s in black color it can wear any outfit or any color. 

Sveston Ruby

The most beautiful watch is Sveston Ruby. It is elegant and has shiny stones on the watch is so graceful on heavily embellished wedding dresses. It can pair up with all types of wedding dresses.

Sveston Tronic

We have another heavy watch for men’s wedding look. Sveston Tronic it’s an automatic watch that perfectly fits with white, black blue cream, or every suit.

This is our amazing episode in which we discussed party wear, casual wear, and wedding wear timepieces for your every special occasion to a perfect daily look. We will meet you in the next episode till then you can let us know in the comments what you want to know about your watch.