Know Your Sveston | Season: 02 | Episode 01

Know Your Sveston | Season: 02 | Episode 01

The first season of the brand new show ‘Know Your Sveston’ captured a lot of appreciation from the fans of Seston. Now here we are with the new series of and the new season of the ‘Know Your Sveston’.

Last season we talked about the mechanics of the Sveston. It was more about the technical side of the watch. Here we are back to share more exciting things about watch.

As you guys know our tagline is “Time for every Occasion” because we own a wide range of captivating assortment of watches that you can pair up according to the occasion.

Introverts & Extroverts

We have two types of personalities introverts & extroverts and both have different kind of energies which defines their categories.

Research proves that introverts like light colors while extroverts like to wear sharp colors and they also have vibrant personalities.

Extroverts Men’s like to wear:

Extrovert men’s must like Sveston Bolt a luxury sports watch, it is available in black yellow, and black orange in color which perfectly goes with the personality of an extrovert man.

Another watch named as Lala 360 (Chain) in rose gold navy. It is a bright color stainless steel chain watch that extroverts must like because of the shine of the sharp navy color with a gleam of a rose gold dial.

Introverts Men’s like to wear:

We have Lala 360 (leather) watch in brown color. It’s a premium leather watch with a sophisticated white dial and is a perfect fit with the personality of an introvert man.

Extrovert Women like to wear:

If we talk about extroverts' women’s choices they also love to wear bright shiny colors. We have Sveston Cloudia for extrovert women. Cloudia is a bracelet watch in silver gold white with a bright shiny look.

We also have a premium watch for extrovert women and that is San Lorenzo in navy a deep bright color.

Another watch for an extrovert woman is Schuyler 2.0 leather watch in black color with a bright gold prominent dial that extrovert women must like.

Introvert Women like:

As you know introverts like light colors. We have Sveston San Lorenzo in silver black color variant. It has a sleek, elegant look that is really compatible with introvert females.

We have another watch for introvert females named “Sveston Duo” in rose gold color it is a mate finish color that suits the personality of an introvert.

End Notes

If you want an exclusive discount or participate in a giveaway, watch the brand-new episode of “Know Your Sveston”.