Know Your Sveston | Japanese Quartz Movement | EPISODE 01

Know Your Sveston | Japanese Quartz Movement | EPISODE 01

Sveston is a luxury that never gets ignored by the people who are obsessed with the style. Know your Sveston is a journey that leads you to explore the features and fascinating facts of your Sveston.

The first episode is all about the Japanese Quartz Movements.
Analog watches based on the Quartz Movements. Sieko is the pioneer of the Quartz Movements and he belongs to Japan that’s why the Quartz Movements from Japan are called Japanese Quartz Movements. After Japan, China also innovates the Movements that are cheaper than Japanese Movements but the Quality of the Chinese Movement can’t overcome the reliability of the Japanese Quartz Movements.

My Sveston is based on:

All Sveston Watches are built with the original Japanese Quartz (Miyota 2115). Every watch from Sveston is accurate and power precision. Watches made with Japanese Quartz don’t need human intervention to keep ticking and do not require maintenance.
What is the main drawbacks of the Japanese Quartz Movement?
In the international market, Chinese Quartz Movements are cheaper than the Japanese Quartz Movement but the watches made with Chinese Quartz are less accurate and heat sensitive.

Fascinating Fact about Your Sveston:

Sveston watches made with Japanese Quartz Movement are available at an adequate rate while in international market Chinese Quartz Movement watches sell at the cheapest rate.