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September 14, 2022 1 min read 0 Comments

Know Your Sveston

In this episode, you will get to know about the most luxurious watch material that is ceramic. What type of material is that and why watches made with the material are expensive? In this episode, you will get to know about the luxury of Sveston Ceramic watches and the different types of locks present in the Watches.

What are Ceramic Watches?

Ceramic is a robust material and the watches made with that material are durable and scratch resistant that’s why ceramic watches fall in the category of luxury watches because the shine of the watch will never fade. Skin-sensitive people can also wear ceramic watches because ceramic watches are anti-allergic, antimagnetic, and can also resist ultraviolet rays.

What are Different types of Locks Present in Sveston Watches?

Sveston Luxury watches have different types of locks. These locks are user-friendly so that no one feels trouble while wearing their watch.

Butterfly lock

The lock has two wings while you push the button the lock is easily detached from two sides that’s why the Butterfly lock is also called a detachable lock. 

Push Button Lock

When you compress the button it opens and closed on push the lock is called the push button lock.