Episode 6 and the last episode of the season "know your Sveston" is about the amazing category of watches that admires everyone. The episode is about mesh bands and leather watches.


Mesh Bands


Mesh band is one of the appealing categories of watches. Mesh band watches are made with stainless steel braided bands. Mesh band watches are so unique because the color of the watch does not fade out due to sweat or water. The second foremost advantage of the mesh bands is it is Scratch resistant.


Mesh band is also called Milanese bands because the concept of the bands belongs to Milan. When it comes to the durability of the mesh band watches. You can easily wear your mesh band watch underwater because mesh bands are safe from rust. Another feature of the watch is that mesh bands watch easily adjustable to any wrist so you can easily adjust the band according to the size of your wrist because the lock is very easy to plug and it is called a deployment clasp which is very flexible.

Leather Watches


Leather watches are the preference of every person who has an obsession with watches. There are two types of options available in leather genuine leather and classic leather.


>All Sveston premium leather watches are made with genuine leather. Lala 360 leather watch has premium leather and it has captivating patterns that create the aura of elite style.  


Classic leather is the second category of leather it is a simple and elegant form of leather. Another variant of the classic leather has patterns on it that enhance the supremacy of the timepiece.

 End Notes


This season is all about the mechanism, craft, and quality of the different categories of watches. If you like the show give your feedback and let us know what you want to see in the next season of “Know Your Sveston”.