Know your Sveston | Episode 02 | Chronographs

Know your Sveston | Episode 02 | Chronographs


Know your Sveston

In the journey of knowing your Sveston, you will meet with fascinating facts about your Sveston. In episode 2 the luxury of the chronographs is targeted.

Chronographs add value to the watch and no one can neglect the style of the person who has Sveston chronograph watch on his wrist.

What are Chronographs?

Chronographs are the small dials inside a dial. The foremost advantage of the chronograph watch is you can calculate the micro-time such as minutes and seconds easily. Sveston has a great assortment of chronograph watches. Here are some most irresistible chronograph watches from the premium collection of Sveston.


Boomston is the most premium watch that has ultra-modern chronographs to tell about the day and night. Boomston has three chronographs one is telling about the day and night, the second chronograph is a minute counter and the third one is connected the day counter so when a day counter struck 12 in the night the date counter changes the date.




Afridi X

The most captivating feature that pulls out the eyes of every fashion sense is the three dynamic chronographs of the watch. A chronograph on the top tells us the time while the window of the watch is connected with the date chronograph.

Lala 360

Lala 360 has magnetism appeal because of its unique chronographs. The chronograph in the middle shows the days of a week while the top one indicates the day and night and the second counter signifies the seconds.